Ken’s not happy. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in July 2019:

We recently posted a piece praising Mark Field MP for using proportionate force in apprehending and ejecting a female Greenpeace protester from a room in the Mansion House, after she was striding purposefully towards the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who was making a speech to an audience of 300+ financiers, politicians etc. Our piece (and Mark Field’s actions) received almost universal support, as did the same piece on AVfM – here.

The only dissenting comments came from Ken, which were so gynocentric in their defence of the Greenpeace harridan, and critical of Mark Field, that I didn’t publish them. But our world-class IT system keeps a record of all comments, whether we publish them or not. The first of his comments:

What appalled me was how the other diners sat on their fat bums and allowed Mr Field to attack a protester who was doing no harm. Field shows every sign of being a violent thug completely unsuitable for public office and should accordingly be fired before he kills somebody.

The best way to deal with the protesters would have been for the other diners to throw Mr Field out of the nearest window. [My emphasis.] Then find a table for the protesters, buy them dinner and talk rationally about whatever it was that they were trying to achieve. Show them that the T*ries have some understanding of people who aren’t millionaires, for a change.

By the way if anyone grabs you by the back of the neck, try not to panic. Grab their little finger (it will likely be on the right of your neck) with all your strength and break the joint by pulling the finger backwards until you hear a loud scream. [My emphasis.] They’ll probably let go of you then.

He seems like a nice man. Anyway, it turns out he’s not happy about my disinclination to publish his comments previously. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. He just emailed this to me:

I am writing to complain about your removal of several comments about Mr Mike Field’s disgraceful behaviour and assault on a female protestor who dared to walk into the room in which Mr Field and his friends were stuffing themselves. Democratic debate doesn’t work like that, Mike. Get a grip. Grow up. Sometimes, some people disagree with what you say.

Regards, Ken [surname redacted]

p.s. If I had a subscription I would cancel it.

I replied:

Ken, good evening. Thank you for taking the trouble to write to me. Unfortunately all your comments were firmly in breach of our Comments Policy, term 3.5 of which imposes a strict ban on the publication of really stupid comments on the J4MB website. As you might imagine, this means the followers of our blog don’t have their time wasted by comments from feminists and chronically gynocentric men. I trust you understand, and will bear this in mind, should you wish to post any more comments in the future.

P.S. I am sorry to learn of your frustration at being unable to cancel your non-existent subscription. Can I offer you a non-existent refund, by way of compensation?

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