Victoria Atkins MP: Her misleading statement to parliament about men being the majority of perpetrators of domestic abuse against men – one of seven claims that contributed to our giving Franki Hackett, Women’s Aid spokeswoman, a “Lying Feminist of the Month” award in 2014

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in July 2019:

Not long ago we linked to William Collins’s new piece Domestic Abuse: The Latest Lie. It was prompted by a statement by Victoria Atkins MP, in the debate relating to the first reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill. The start of the article:

In the context of a debate in the House of Commons on the Domestic Abuse Bill (on which I have posted previously) the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, Victoria Atkins, made this statement,

“…of the 2 million victims, we estimate that around 1.3 million are female and around 695,000 are male, and within that 695,000 we believe – it is very difficult to identify this, and there are problems in doing so – that the majority of perpetrators are male.”

The statement is false. It has been known to be false for decades. It is doubly false, in fact because it is neither difficult nor problematic to confirm that it is false.

A weight of evidence, both recent and going back decades, confirms that the overwhelming bulk of partner abuse against men, and the majority of domestic abuse of men, is perpetrated by women. This article will present the data.

Atkins’s claim – in essence, that the majority of male victims of domestic abuse are in gay relationships – is a lie with a long pedigree. In June 2014, in the course of an online discussion with Glen Poole, Franki Hackett (a young Women’s Aid spokeswoman) uttered a total of seven lies or misleading statements. Her “Lying Feminist of the Month” award is here. We sent Polly Neate, then CEO, a public challenge with our analysis concerning those seven statements, seeking their retraction. Needless to say, she declined. On pp 4,5 of our analysis we considered the lie, “A very large proportion of male victims of DV are suffering at the hands of male partners.” Our analysis showed that in 2008/9, 92.7% of male victims of partner abuse were heterosexual, and only 7.3% gay.

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