Regarding Men with Mike Buchanan – weekly men-only discussion groups

I’m a huge fan of the Regarding Men video series with Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo and Tom Golden.

I recently posted a blog piece at Justice for Men & Boys about an exciting new initiative created recently by Regarding Men, men-only discussion groups. Once you subscribe (from only USD5.00 pcm, about GBP4.00) you’ll be able to join in their discussion groups, wherever in the world they’re being hosted from. My thanks to the organizers for allowing me to post this video (5:49) which until now has only been made available to people after they’d become members.

I was pleased to be invited to host weekly 90-minute meetings, the first will be at 14:00 BST on Sunday, 6 September, moving to 14:00 GMT in due course. I hope you’ll join us.

This is an extract from my last blog piece on the matter:

Enjoy (video, 30:11). Regarding Men – Paul Elam, Tom Golden and Janice Fiamengo – have over the past year been planning an exciting new initiative, where red-pilled men can meet up online for discussions with other red-pilled men around the world. From the Regarding Men website:

“Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo, and Tom Golden have joined forces to create a platform to connect Red Pill men and provide them ongoing social support.  We want to use the dilemma of Red Pill Isolation by connecting like-minded men to each other, online and in the real world. Regarding Men is a place for men to speak truthfully about their lived experience and get support, without having to care about blue pill sensitivities. Join us now and let’s grow this thing together.

We are making the meetings and other services available to Red Pill men across the world 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is what your support is going to help us build.”

Please support Mike Buchanan’s work on Patreon. Thank you.

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