Netflix: The Queen’s Gambit

I’ve just logged onto Netflix to end my day with a series I like to end my days with, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, starring Jerry Seinfeld. It’s an uplifting series, even if you have to skip over episodes with woeful feminist “comedians”. Netflix are promoting a new series, The Queen’s Gambit, the trailer featuring a sassy young women entering a chess tournament. Doubtless she’ll annihilate the expert male players in the series, because women are very strong in works of fiction.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, chess is the perfect example of how women reliably fail to compete with men at the highest levels, regardless of the nature of the competition, decade after decade. It’s something I analyse at length in my forthcoming ICMI talk with the snappy title, Buchanan’s Laws of Inter-Sexual Competition: Women Fail to Compete Successfully Against Men, and Why They Will Always Fail. It’s currently scheduled for publication at 08:00 on 14 November. Most of the talk was filmed in my principal summer residence, Buchanan Castle, near Loch Lomond in Scotland.

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Philip Davies MP urges the BBC to hire more people with different outlooks

Yes, it’s that man again, Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley), who is tomorrow getting married to Esther McVey (C, Tatton), a former cabinet minister. This clip is an extract (10:10) from a podcast published today by the Daily Telegraph, a discussion between Christopher Hope, the paper’s chief political correspondent, and Philip.

At 9:15 Philip gets to the heart of the matter about the BBC, in his usual inimitable style:

The BBC is spending £100 million, supposedly, on diversity. The only diversity the BBC needs is some people with different opinions who don’t have this metropolitan, left-wing, lentil-eating, sandal-wearing, beard-growing outloook. They need to get out more.

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