More than half of workers think women’s behaviour in the office is dictated by their hormones, survey reveals

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in December 2015:

Our thanks to Francis for this. The piece (by a female reporter, predictably) is presented with four bullet points at the start:

Poll found 54 per cent thought women’s decisions controlled by hormones

2,000 questioned and just under half said sexes had different capabilities

More than two thirds said they ‘did not believe’ in a gender pay gap

Pollsters said the results were ‘worrying’ for women in the work place

There’s a sentence in the article you might expect to find in the Guardian, rather than the Daily Mail:

More than two thirds of workers also said they ‘did not believe’ in the gender pay gap – despite official statistics showing it stands at 9.4 per cent for full-time employees.

Does the journalist not realise she’s conflating two different things, the overal gender pay gap (which starts at the age of 40, the reasons for which are well understood, and have nothing to do with sexism), and men and women being paid the same for the same work? I’m really tired of such sloppy journalism, day after day. But maybe she’s being deliberately obtuse?

William Collins had the last word on the gender pay gap – here. It’s been one of our most-cited articles this year.

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