WASPI – because feminists want pension inequality to be extended

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in December 2015:

Our thanks to a particularly generous donor for this:

Hi Mike,

Hope you are well. Have you heard about WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality)? Here they are on Facebook:

Link #1.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the MHRM is making a breakthrough, and that these women are campaigning for some sort of compensation for the men who had to wait 5 years longer for a state pension on the grounds of their gender, despite contributing the vast majority of those funds in the first place, and dying earlier than women.

Nope. WASPI are campaigning for the equalisation of state pension ages TO BE DONE AT A SLOWER RATE. They are arguing that they haven’t been given enough notice that are now going to be treated equally when it comes to state pensions. They think THEY are the ones being discriminated against here. They are actively campaigning for an inequality to be MAINTAINED for longer.

Sorry for the shouty capitals but I am angry. There is even a donation site here, to help fund their legal appeal:

Link #2.

[Note: the £6,000 target was reached five months ago.]

I only hope that the idiots who pledge their money to this legal fund might end up losing it if the case comes before a judge with some perspective and common sense. But I won’t hold my breath.

Hope you have a happy Christmas, all the same.


<Name redacted>

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