Feminist manipulations of the J4MB Wikipedia entry

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in April 2017:

The Wikipedia entry on J4MB is here. It’s been going since August 2016, and is under constant assault from feminist ‘editors’ including ‘The Vintage Feminist’, who are keen on removing anything not to their liking – particularly if it’s demonstrably true – and doing whatever they can to undermine us, often though omission rather than commission. Happily, somewhere there’s a sympathetic Wiki editor who keep the occasional eye on the site, adding and amending as he (or she) sees fit.

It’s possible to review the revision history of Wiki entries, and the history for the J4MB website is here. Until a few days ago, the J4MB entry included the following:

Philip Davies MP, a member of the Justice Select Committee, spoke to the conference asserting that the criminal justice system favours women’s over men’s rights. Jenny Earle, director of Prison Reform Trust’s programme for reducing women’s imprisonment in response said, “The evidence is not that women are treated more leniently. In fact they are twice as likely as men to receive a custodial sentence for a first offence, and the main offence for which women are imprisoned is theft and shoplifting”.[11]

In response, Buchanan pointed to an analysis published in a blog by Men’s Rights Advocates in the UK. The blog extrapolates data regarding sentencing, prison population and parole figures to claim that there is a gender bias in favour of women.[12]

The second of these two paragraphs has been removed in the past few days, leading Jenny Earle’s outrageous lie unchallenged. Reference [12] led to a link to a William Collins blog piece, UK Prisoners – The Genders Compared, and this quote from him: “This leads me to the following staggering conclusion. Men are subject to massive gender discrimination in the criminal justice system. If male offenders were treated in the same way as female offenders there would be only one-sixth of the number of men in prison.”

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1 thought on “Feminist manipulations of the J4MB Wikipedia entry

  1. Feminist hate men because they cannot control them, hate is created by what they fear, fear is created from what they do not understand…. They do not understand men, and females / Feminist have no intensions of even trying to understanding men.


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