#StopFeminazis Spanish ultraconservative group launches bus campaign against “feminazis”

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in March 2019:

Our thanks to Douglas for this piece in El País. He writes:

A party in Spain is running a bus around calling for a repeal of sexist laws against men. Where the UK has policies and guidelines that amount to sexist domestic violence law against men, Spain has statute laws.

The bus has emblazoned along the sides the slogan:

It is not gender violence
It is domestic violence
Repeal the gender laws

El País is the most read newspaper in Spanish online and the second most circulated daily newspaper in Spain, after a sports newspaper. The Wikipedia page on the paper – here – says this of the paper’s ideology, and more:

The paper’s ideology has always been defined by a leaning towards europeanism, progressivism and social-liberalism.

The article mentions Vox, a Spanish political party, whose Wikipedia page is here. An extract:

Vox is considered antifeminist, and wants to repeal the gender violence law, which is considered as “discriminant against one of the sexes” and replace it with a “family violence law that will afford the same protection to the elderly, men, women and children who suffer from abuse”. (J4MB: Links in the Wikipedia article to several elements in this paragraph.)

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