Women’s cycling race forced to pause after lead rider catches men’s race

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in March 2019:

An unconsciously hilarious piece. The headline (above) could be re-written as:

Fastest female cyclist in a race came close to catching up with the slowest male cyclist.

There was only a 10-minute gap between the men’s race starting, and the women’s race. I suspect that the leading female cyclist, Nicole Hanselmann, rode at an unsustainably fast pace precisely in an effort to catch up with the men’s race. The suspicion is reinforced by these extracts:

The Swiss cyclist Nicole Hanselmann of the Bigla Pro team surged into an early lead of almost two minutes …

After being allowed to resume, Hanselmann was given a headstart on the peloton but was quickly reeled in and eventually finished in 74th place.

“It was a bit sad for me because I was in a good mood and when the bunch sees you stopping, they just get a new motivation to catch you,” she told Cyclingnews. “We could just see the ambulances of the men’s race. [J4MB: So, hardly “almost caught up with her male counterparts”, then] I think we stopped for five or seven minutes and then it just kills your chances.” [J4MB: So, less an amazing cyclist, more a whiny narcissistic woman with poor motivation.]

The blindingly obvious “solution” to the “problem” of women’s races having to be interrupted in this way, is to increase the gap between the start of the men’s race, and the start of the women’s race. Alternatively, let there be no gendering in the start times, and enjoy the spectacle of the slowest man overtaking the fastest woman.

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