Sandi Toksvig is a blithering idiot, #317: “The Women’s Equality Party got hardly any press but we had the most successful general election of any party.”

Our thanks to Alan for this gem in The Guardian. An extract:

Five years since you co-founded the Women’s Equality party. How is it progressing?
It hardly got any press but we had the most successful general election of any party. We could only afford to stand in five seats so we stood against five male MPs with allegations of sexual impropriety against them. Four stood down and one lost his seat, so we were 100% successful in our plan. [LAF: The party lost all its deposits, and weren’t remotely instrumental in that “success”. Feminists claiming credit for nothing. Same old, same old…]


It’s a different way of doing politics and I’m hugely proud of it. We’ll continue to work on women’s issues. Make no mistake, when this pandemic is over, it’s women who will suffer the most. We want to support them as much as we possibly can. It took the Greens 20 years to get a seat. I have every confidence that we will at some point.

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