Mike Buchanan recommends shaving-related products and men’s toiletries

Any man or woman with an interest in men’s issues should boycott Gillette products, it need hardly be said, following their anti-male TV adverts. The adverts were conceived and directed by feminists – what could possibly have gone wrong? This leaves a challenge for owners of Gillette products, how should they dispose of them? We recommend this method (video, 14:02) from our Comedy Channel.

So, I hear you cry, “Mike, you’re a leading internet ‘influencer’ for non-feminist men, who would you recommend as manufacturers of shaving-related products and other men’s toiletries, alternatives to Gillette?” For razors and blades (the latter cost £10.00 inc.p&p for four, enough for four weeks) I recommend ShaveKit, trial kit £3.00. They give at least as good a shave as I ever got from Gillette razors. After two or three months of buying blades from them, they sent a free spare razor.

For shaving gel and face washes – how did you think I keep my face as soft as a baby’s bum? – and post-shave balm and anti-perspirant deodorant aerosol, I highly recommend  products from NIVEA MEN. I recently had a problem with a can of their shaving gel, sent a complaint to them online, and just received a £5.00 voucher – three times the cost of the product – which I can redeem at a host of major retailers. What a fine company!

I alternate buying NIVEA MEN face wash with buying L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Charcoal Daily Face Scrub which is the dog’s boll***s. Because I’m worth it.

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